RevitalU Smart Coffee

Our Smart Coffee is engineered to promote a healthy lifestyle with scientifically supported ingredients.

By drinking just one cup a day, revital U Smart Coffee effortlessly helps you manage your weight, improve mental focus and boost your energy.*

Enhanced Ingredients

Natural Caffeine

Derived from green coffee bean extract that provides a unique taste that energizes*


A “feel-good” amino acid, derived from green tea leaves, for relaxed alertness*


Apple and Grape polyphenols, English walnut and Nettle root extract to help fight fatigue and promote endurance


A mineral to help support healthy blood sugar, found in broccoli and tomatoes*

Not a coffee drinker? No problem!
Our cocoa and capsules offer the same amazing benefits.

Our decadent cocoa is so smart, it only has 25 calories. It can help suppress your appetite, boost your energy and help you stay focused.*

Give you an appetite suppressant, increased energy and more focus. In a handy and compact form — ready to go anywhere.